Great food and fun to eat Likes it

Diner Review• Apr 06, 2009

My husband and I wanted to try Ethiopian food and had chosen Harambe based on good reviews. On the way down to the lobby in the elevator, an Ethiopian staff member from the hotel (Westin Grand) joined us on the elevator (what a great coincidence for us). We asked him his opinion and he said Harambe was great but his favorite was Addis Cafe. Who can argue with that, we figured he knew what he was talking about. The restaurant wasn't fancy but smelled absolutely delicious. We asked the owner to bring us whatever she recommended as we didn't know what to order. We had a large platter with pieces of lamb in the middle and piles of vegetables around the perimeter of the platter. There were red lentils, green lentils, lettuce with tomatoes, squash, potatoes, spinach and of course tons of injara bread. It didn't look like much when she brought it but it was so flavorful and actually really fun to eat with our hands. The owner was very helpful and gracious in her service and instructions. I would definitely go to this restaurant again. You won't be disappointed!

Fitsum Tariku