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1 Tim Diner from Vancouver

Diner Review • Feb 13, 2012
Been here several times now. Owner/operators are about the most friendly welcoming people you could hope to meet. The whole feel of the place is warm and wonderful. The Fu-ul appy is a perfect size for two. I usually go with friends and order some variation of the veggie options and it's always amazing. The injera is a delightful balance of firm, chewy, soft, pliable and the perfect backdrop for the myriad of flavours in the main dishes. Best fish tibs I've had. On top of all that it's BYOB with no corking fee. Last time I went the group all ordered coffee's after dinner. The equipment had all been turned off before we ordered but he gladly fired everything back up us. The espresso and cappuccinos were lovingly presented and delicious, and put the perfect finishing touch to the evening. Oh, there were 4 of us, we all left so full we could barely walk and the bill was $65 after tax. Not really sure what else you could ask for. TL:DR Best Ethiopian on the drive.

Fitsum Tariku